• Our 168A FlatSider XR13 off-duty leather holster provides easy access to your firearm with an open top design for a quick, and smooth draw
  • With a mid-ride and FBI forward cant, this leather holster model sits comfortably over the hip while allowing a natural draw
  • Features a sweat shield for protection and adjustable tension screw to adjust the ease of your draw
  • Molded belt slots slide easily onto belts up to 1-3/4"


This is a strapless version of our original 168 FlatSider XR12 off-duty leather holster model. We developed the 168A FlatSider XR13 to be the open top, quick draw option. Although used by federal agencies and law enforcement departments who do not require retention straps, this model is a favorite among gun enthusiasts and the concealed carry community alike.


Instead of the contoured retention strap, we created an open top design that is still secure and damn good looking! Because open top leather holsters can be uncomfortable when the cold steel (or polymer for those polymer gun enthusiasts) presses against your side, we made sure to include a sweat-shield, specifically designed for each fitting weapon.


One of the ways that we tested the first run of 168A leather holsters was to make sure the tension screw could be set up in such a way that when you flip the holster upside-down, the gun does not fall to the ground. Tony P, a 32 year veteran and LE consultant, used his 168A holster for years, chasing down perps and climbing over fences using this model as his primary holster. And not once did his gun come loose! That kind of trust is what separates the 168A holster from any other open top holster out there.


Check out the 168 FlatSider XR12 off-duty leather holster product page for general details about holster construction.


Most popular weapon fits include:


Colt 1911 Commander 4.25”

Glock 26


Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm

Sig Sauer P228/P229


NOTE: If you have any questions about the 168A FlatSider XR13, refer to our FAQ page or send us an email and we will answer your question as quickly as possible!


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