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Open Top Chain Handcuff Case Model: 506

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Open Top Chain Handcuff Case Model Number: 506
Open Top Chain Handcuff Case Model Number: 506
Open Top Chain Handcuff Case Model Number: 506



Open Top Chain Handcuff Case

Model: 506
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  • Open top handcuff case
  • Made in the USA from full grain leather
  • Fits one pair of chain handcuffs
  • Slides easily onto belts up to 2-1/4"
  • NOTE: Due to the deep molding process and properties of full grain leather, the 506 comes fitted exactly to your handcuffs. If the fit feels tight, work the leather with your hands and leave your handcuffs in the case overnight. In the morning, the fit should be snug and ready to attach to your duty belt!

The Aker Leather 506 Open Top Handcuff Case features a pull-through release snap for easy access to handcuffs. When you grip the handcuffs with your fingers, simply pull up and they un-snap the fastener through your motion giving you quick access to handcuffs when needed.

Each handcuff pouch is hand crafted from the highest grade of vegetable tanned leather and uses heavy duty nylon bonded thread. The case is available in plain or basketweave and finished with a solid brass snap fastener in black.

The 506 fits most chain handcuffs, including Smith & Wesson® Model 100 handcuffs and the Peerless® 700C and 730C.

On the rear, the flap is folded over and sewn to the pouch to create an open belt slot to easily slide onto duty belts with up to a 2-1/4" width.

Many agencies, including the State Department, provide this handcuff case to their officers for use on duty.

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Open Top Chain Handcuff Case

Model Number: 506

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